Light, sweet and golden in color, Dutch Clover Honey has a mild, slightly floral aftertaste. It can have hints of cinnamon and hay and has a generally delicate and flowery finish. It is the classic table honey, used as a topping, sweetener, or in cooking or baking. SInce Clover Honey is finely crystallized, it is often used to make creamed honey. We'll tell you what, put two teaspoons of honey in with you coffee grounds and then run the coffee maker. Tell us that isn't the best cup of coffee you've ever had and we'll replace your jar of honey for free.

Dutch Clover is used as a pasture or cover crop in the Outer Coastal Plain.

This jar contains pure, natural Dutch Clover Honey - direct from the hive. No flavoring has been added to this honey. It’s flavor is the result of nectar gathered from flowering Dutch Clover cover crops. The honey is then lightly filtered to remove impurities and wax, while maintaining it’s natural pollen, beneficial enzymes, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

 Do not refrigerate honey as it dampens the flavor.