There are a handful of vanilla growers in the USA. Growing a single Maui vanilla bean takes about one year. In May, vanilla orchid flowers bloom, during which time they must be pollinated by hand with a paintbrush. If that goes well, a single bean will erupt from each flower. Nine months later, the vanilla beans are ready for harvest. After three months of drying, the beans are ready to use and the annual process starts again. This decadent honey is supreme in black tea or coffee. Try it with peanut butter slathered toast. Brighten your morning smoothie with a splash, Drizzle over blue cheese and figs or pears for an easy appetizer. Add to plain yogurt for a sweet afternoon snack.

Contains: New Jersey Wildflower Honey, Maui Grown Vanilla (V. planifolia species, more commonly known as Bourbon vanilla or Madagascar vanilla