On the gulf coast of Florida, the Greek community of Tarpon Springs helped build an industry that is now famous not only for the worlds finest sponges, but for some of the finest Greek Restaurants, Markets, and Bakeries in America.

The sea beds off Tarpon Springs, Florida, and the Florida Keys produce some of the world's finest natural sea sponges. They are the most pliant and absorbent sponges available and are collected from waters around the Florida Keys. Cape May Soap Company proudly presents these natural sea sponges in the most popular and practical sizes. These superior quality bath and body sponges are very soft and absorbent and pamper the skin while gently removing dead skin cells. Our Florida Gulf Coast Premium Sea Wool Sponges are the softest, most reliable, and absorbent sponge available. Sea sponges re-grow after harvesting and return to their original size. When divers harvest a sponge they only remove the upper part of the sponge. The remaining sponge will then be able to re-grow and be harvested again in a few years. Harvesting of our natural sea sponges is regulated by Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. All of our sponges are harvested by hand by divers licensed by the Commission.

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